Custom Orders

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For more specific and detailed information on custom orders please reach out to us at

What you need to know?

Custom orders can have a $5+ custom charge depending on what you are needing. We offer bulk discounts on clothing starting at 6 pieces, hat bulk pricing varies!

How can I expedite the custom order process?

When contacting us, please have either a photo or general idea of the design / font you are needing for your custom item. The more info we have up front, the faster we can get your order started!

What do we offer?

At this time we specialize in all styles of shirts and custom leather patch hats. Please keep in mind we are not graphic designers so any extremely detailed / multicolored designs may not be a possibility for us to create or accomplish for you. If you aren't sure if it is something we can/can't do, please reach out to see! At this time we offer vinyl and embroidery for tees etc. and our hats are pre-stiched press on patches that are laser engraved with your design (please ensure your designs for patches are available in a black and white graphic ONLY).