"When will my order be ready?"

all of our items that are custom made to order (please refer to the description below the listing if you aren't sure), do all have a 1-1.5 week processing time. please allow that time period for you to receive your "your order has shipped" email with your tracking details! please keep in mind: August-December is a very busy season, and most orders will be right at the full processing time. we do offer rushed orders for a small fee of $8! email us for more details.

all of our other items (unless you purchased a pre-order item, refer to the description), are ready to ship and you will receive your tracking details within 24 hours. if you purchased a ready to ship item with a made to order item, these will ship TOGETHER therefore they will ship when the custom item is done processing.

"How long does shipping usually take?"

we ship all of our items with 1-3 day shipping. we are located in Georgia, so states closer to us will receive their orders in just a couple of days! your email notifying you that your order has shipped will keep you updated on the expected arrival!

"I just got my shipping confirmation email, but my tracking number isn't working. What do I do?"

we do all of our shipping right here at The Southern Post. so once we package your order, we create the shipping label and it is then dropped off at the post office! we ask that you give all tracking numbers 24 hours to register with the post office, since they have to scan each item in to their system!

"How does this *clothing item* run?"

all of our items have a description below describing the brand and what to expect with sizing! we try to have real life photos with the item being worn for better reference. you can always email us at contactthesouthernpost@gmail.com if you aren't sure! changes can also be made within 3 days of your purchase (for custom items only) if you change your mind on sizing.

"Can you do a custom order for me?"

we LOVE doing custom orders. although there are some things that we may or may not be able to do. we can easily work with you to help you achieve the vision you have in mind. we do offer both vinyl and screen print designs. if you are interested in screen print designs, there is a $5 fee for a custom order, or $3 per shirt - up to 5 shirts. the maximum fee is $15 (ex: if you purchase 20 shirts, you would still only be charged a $15 custom fee). contact us as contactthesouthernpost@gmail.com for ordering details.